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Ange Gardien : a angel font in Charityware to help the victims of terrorism

Since that fatal Tuesday, September 11, I cannot erase from my mind the visions of horror of the Twin Towers and the Pentagon striken by hate-demented terrorists. Nothing couldhave prepared me for such evil horror, not even living in Paris when bombs exploded in department stores and the Metro.

As a modest shareware author, I cannot do much in financial terms. But as I had already created a pack of Angel fonts, I thought about creating this one, a full fledged font, with uppercase bearing a Guardian Angel. It also contains the talisman (mark) of Archangel Gabriel, saint Patron of firemen.

I am not asking for a penny for this font. Instead, please, if you like it, contribute to one the charities helping today the victims of terrorism and their families. You can find a complete list of these organizations at . Bless your charitable actions.

I hope and pray that this little contribution will help people who can donate more to charities than I can. I also mourn and pray for all the victims of intolerance, hate and terrorism.

This font is also a gift to all who have been touched, in one way or another, by these terrible events. The healing process takes time, one day at a time.

Michel Bujardet


AngeGardien Regular
AngeGardien Regular
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Charityware for the victims of violence (c) Michel Bujardet (310) 388‐5216, 8205 Santa Monica Blvd #1‐205, West Hollywood, CA 90046‐5912

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